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Jed Brown  committed 54ef5d7 Merge

Merge commit 'Fix <> includes of local files [bug in parent commit]' into balay/tao-to-petsc

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  • Parent commits 7afc1a8, 1c7d246
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File src/ksp/pc/impls/spai/ispai.c

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 #include <petsc-private/pcimpl.h>        /*I "petscpc.h" I*/
-#include <petscspai.h>
+#include <../src/ksp/pc/impls/spai/petscspai.h>
     These are the SPAI include files

File src/ts/impls/implicit/sundials/sundials.c

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     Reference: sundials-2.4.0/examples/cvode/parallel/cvDiurnal_kry_p.c
-#include <sundials.h>  /*I "petscts.h" I*/
+#include <../src/ts/impls/implicit/sundials/sundials.h>  /*I "petscts.h" I*/
       TSPrecond_Sundials - function that we provide to SUNDIALS to