Jed Brown committed 5affe1d Merge

Merge branch 'jed/fix-memcpy-in-string.h'

* jed/fix-memcpy-in-string.h:
petscsys.h: find memcpy and memset in string.h

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     self.mpi.headerPrefix        = self.headerPrefix
     headersC = map(lambda name: name+'.h', ['setjmp','dos', 'endian', 'fcntl', 'float', 'io', 'limits', 'malloc', 'pwd', 'search', 'strings',
                                             'unistd', 'sys/sysinfo', 'machine/endian', 'sys/param', 'sys/procfs', 'sys/resource',
-                                            'sys/systeminfo', 'sys/times', 'sys/utsname','string', 'stdlib','memory',
+                                            'sys/systeminfo', 'sys/times', 'sys/utsname','string', 'stdlib',
                                             'WindowsX', 'cxxabi','float','ieeefp','stdint','sched','pthread','mathimf'])
     functions = ['access', '_access', 'clock', 'drand48', 'getcwd', '_getcwd', 'getdomainname', 'gethostname',


 PETSC_EXTERN PetscErrorCode PetscScalarView(PetscInt,const PetscScalar[],PetscViewer);
 #include <stddef.h>
-#if defined(PETSC_HAVE_MEMORY_H)
-#include <memory.h>
+#include <string.h>             /* for memcpy, memset */
 #if defined(PETSC_HAVE_STDLIB_H)
 #include <stdlib.h>
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