Jed Brown avatar Jed Brown committed 6d86feb Merge

Merge branch 'toby/fix-sor-baij'

Shell portability and silence bad compiler warning.

* toby/fix-sor-baij:
MatSOR_SeqBAIJ: initialize work for pedantic compilers.
KSP test: avoid bash4 case syntax ';&' in favor of simpler alternative

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 	-@for mt in aij baij dense; do \
 	  case $$mt in \
-	    aij) \
-	      ;& \
-	    dense) \
-	      ;& \
-	    sbaij) \
+	    aij|dense|sbaij) \
 	      bss="1" \
 	      ;; \
 	    baij) \


   PetscScalar       *x,*work,*w,*workt,*t;
   const MatScalar   *v,*aa = a->a, *idiag;
   const PetscScalar *b,*xb;
-  PetscScalar       s[7], xw[7];
+  PetscScalar       s[7], xw[7]={0}; /* avoid some compilers thinking xw is uninitialized */
   PetscErrorCode    ierr;
   PetscInt          m = a->mbs,i,i2,nz,bs = A->rmap->bs,bs2 = bs*bs,k,j,idx,it;
   const PetscInt    *diag,*ai = a->i,*aj = a->j,*vi;
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