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-/*$Id: ex1.c,v 1.11 2000/01/11 20:59:51 bsmith Exp bsmith $*/
+/*$Id: ex1.c,v 1.12 2000/09/22 20:42:48 bsmith Exp bsmith $*/
 /* Program usage:  mpirun ex1 [-help] [all PETSc options] */
-static char help[] = "This is an introductory PETSc example that illustrates printing.\n\n";
+static char help[] = "Introductory example that illustrates printing.\n\n";
    Concepts: introduction to PETSc;
+   Concepts: printing^in parallel
    Processors: n


-/*$Id: ex3.c,v 1.33 2000/09/07 15:24:03 balay Exp bsmith $*/
+/*$Id: ex3.c,v 1.34 2000/09/22 20:42:48 bsmith Exp bsmith $*/
-static char help[] = "Demonstrates how users can augment the PETSc profiling by\n\
-inserting their own event logging.  Run this program with one of the\n\
+static char help[] = "Augmenting PETSc profiling by add events.\n\
+Run this program with one of the\n\
 following options to generate logging information:  -log, -log_summary,\n\
 -log_all.  The PETSc routines automatically log event times and flops,\n\
 so this monitoring is intended solely for users to employ in application\n\
    Concepts: PLog^user-defined event profiling
+   Concepts: profiling^user-defined event
    Concepts: PLog^activating/deactivating events for profiling
+   Concepts: profiling^activating/deactivating events
    Processors: n


-/*$Id: ex1.c,v 1.18 2000/07/10 03:39:11 bsmith Exp bsmith $*/
+/*$Id: ex1.c,v 1.19 2000/09/22 20:42:58 bsmith Exp bsmith $*/
-static char help[] = "Demonstrates creating a general index set.\n\n";
+static char help[] = "Creating a general index set.\n\n";
     Concepts: index sets^manipulating a general index set;