Satish Balay avatar Satish Balay committed 7220374

rebuildtar: update to work from a git repo [to spin a release tarball]
Also invoke builddist from the same location as rebuildtar

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 export LC=C
 export LC_ALL=C
-#automatically crankup the patchlevel
-# ${PETSC_DIR}/bin/maint/createpatch
-# /home/balay/spetsc/bin/maint/createpatch
 #create the tarfile
-${PETSC_DIR}/bin/maint/builddist ${PETSC_DIR} maint
+maintdir=`dirname $0`
+${maintdir}/builddist ${PETSC_DIR} maint
 #Now copy the generated tarfiles over to the website
 PATCH_VERSION=`grep '^#define PETSC_VERSION_PATCH ' ${PETSC_DIR}/include/petscversion.h |tr -s ' ' | cut -d ' ' -f 3`
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