Jed Brown avatar Jed Brown committed 7275718

Prefer atoll() over _atoi64()

Hg-commit: 2f43c8de825585395e678c44f780c7c9d8dfcb9a

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-#if defined(PETSC_USE_64BIT_INDICES) && defined(PETSC_HAVE___INT64)
-    *a = _atoi64(name);
-#elif defined(PETSC_USE_64BIT_INDICES) && defined(PETSC_HAVE_ATOLL)
+#if defined(PETSC_USE_64BIT_INDICES) && defined(PETSC_HAVE_ATOLL)
     *a = atoll(name);
+#elif defined(PETSC_USE_64BIT_INDICES) && defined(PETSC_HAVE___INT64)
+    *a = _atoi64(name);
     *a = (PetscInt)atoi(name);
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