Jed Brown avatar Jed Brown committed 7570185

Fix ex48 for complex, explicitly set the "component" field of MatStencil

(To silence warning from some compilers about not setting all the
fields, despite the standard saying this is fine and they will be set to

Hg-commit: ae432121c9207a9726b5e95be8764a4f7f0f0973

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   PetscErrorCode ierr;
   Node           ***x;
   PetscInt       i,j,xs,ys,zs,xm,ym,zm,mx,my,mz;
-  PetscReal      umin = 1e100,umax=-1e100,usum=0,gusum;
+  PetscReal      umin = 1e100,umax=-1e100;
+  PetscScalar    usum=0.0,gusum;
   *min = *max = *mean = 0;
   ierr = PetscGlobalMin(&umin,min,((PetscObject)da)->comm);CHKERRQ(ierr);
   ierr = PetscGlobalMax(&umax,max,((PetscObject)da)->comm);CHKERRQ(ierr);
   ierr = PetscGlobalSum(&usum,&gusum,((PetscObject)da)->comm);CHKERRQ(ierr);
-  *mean = gusum / (mx*my);
+  *mean = PetscRealPart(gusum) / (mx*my);
-        const MatStencil rc[4] = {{0,i,j},{0,i+1,j},{0,i+1,j+1},{0,i,j+1}};
+        const MatStencil rc[4] = {{0,i,j,0},{0,i+1,j,0},{0,i+1,j+1,0},{0,i,j+1,0}};
         ierr = MatSetValuesBlockedStencil(B,4,rc,4,rc,&Ke[0][0],ADD_VALUES);CHKERRQ(ierr);
-          const MatStencil rc[8] = {{i,j,k},{i+1,j,k},{i+1,j+1,k},{i,j+1,k},{i,j,k+1},{i+1,j,k+1},{i+1,j+1,k+1},{i,j+1,k+1}};
+          const MatStencil rc[8] = {{i,j,k,0},{i+1,j,k,0},{i+1,j+1,k,0},{i,j+1,k,0},{i,j,k+1,0},{i+1,j,k+1,0},{i+1,j+1,k+1,0},{i,j+1,k+1,0}};
           if (amode == THIASSEMBLY_TRIDIAGONAL) {
             for (l=0; l<4; l++) { /* Copy out each of the blocks, discarding horizontal coupling */
               const PetscInt l4 = l+4;
-              const MatStencil rcl[2] = {{rc[l].k,rc[l].j,rc[l].i},{rc[l4].k,rc[l4].j,rc[l4].i}};
+              const MatStencil rcl[2] = {{rc[l].k,rc[l].j,rc[l].i,0},{rc[l4].k,rc[l4].j,rc[l4].i,0}};
               const PetscScalar Kel[4][4] = {{Ke[2*l+0][2*l+0] ,Ke[2*l+0][2*l+1] ,Ke[2*l+0][2*l4+0] ,Ke[2*l+0][2*l4+1]},
                                              {Ke[2*l+1][2*l+0] ,Ke[2*l+1][2*l+1] ,Ke[2*l+1][2*l4+0] ,Ke[2*l+1][2*l4+1]},
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