Satish Balay avatar Satish Balay committed 7659ca2

exodus: cleanup build process [ is unused & fix postInstall() to use the correct file]

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   def Install(self):
-    self.logPrintBox('Compiling ExodusII; this may take several minutes')
     import os
     import shutil
     configOpts     = []
-    mkfile = ''
-    g = open(os.path.join(self.packageDir, mkfile), 'w')
     args = ' '.join(configOpts)
-    fd = file(os.path.join(self.packageDir,'exodusii'), 'w')
+    cfgfile = 'exodusii'
+    fd = file(os.path.join(self.packageDir,cfgfile), 'w')
-    if self.installNeeded('exodusii'):
+    if self.installNeeded(cfgfile):
       cincludes  = ['exodusII.h','exodusII_cfg.h','exodusII_int.h','exodusII_par.h']
       fincludes  = ['','']
         output,err,ret = config.base.Configure.executeShellCommand('cd '+builddir+' && make -f Makefile.standalone clean', timeout=250, log = self.framework.log)
       except RuntimeError, e:
         raise RuntimeError('Error running make on ExodusII: '+str(e))
-      self.postInstall(output+err, mkfile)
+      self.postInstall(output+err, cfgfile)
     return self.installDir
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