Stefano Zampini avatar Stefano Zampini committed 7cbb387

PCBDDC: allow compilation without metis header

Coarse problem type default to PARALLEL_BDDC
Some irrelevant warning will show up without metis headers (will be solved soon)

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 /* -------------------------------------------------------------------------- */
+/* BDDC requires metis 5.0.1 for multilevel */
+#if defined(PETSC_HAVE_METIS)
+#include "metis.h"
+#define MetisInt    idx_t
+#define MetisScalar real_t
 #undef __FUNCT__  
 #define __FUNCT__ "PCBDDCSetUpCoarseEnvironment"
 static PetscErrorCode PCBDDCSetUpCoarseEnvironment(PC pc,PetscScalar* coarse_submat_vals)
   ierr = MPI_Allreduce(&im_active,&active_procs,1,MPIU_INT,MPI_SUM,prec_comm);CHKERRQ(ierr);
   /* adapt coarse problem type */
+#if defined(PETSC_HAVE_METIS)
   if (pcbddc->coarse_problem_type == MULTILEVEL_BDDC) {
     if (pcbddc->current_level < pcbddc->max_levels) {
       if ( (active_procs/pcbddc->coarsening_ratio) < 2 ) {
       pcbddc->coarse_problem_type = PARALLEL_BDDC;
-  }  
+  }
+  pcbddc->coarse_problem_type = PARALLEL_BDDC;
     case(MULTILEVEL_BDDC):   /* we define a coarse mesh where subdomains are elements */
+#if defined(PETSC_HAVE_METIS)
       /* we need additional variables */
       MetisInt    n_subdomains,n_parts,objval,ncon,faces_nvtxs;
       MetisInt    *metis_coarse_subdivision;
         ierr = PetscFree(total_ranks_recv);CHKERRQ(ierr);
         ierr = PetscFree(displacements_recv);CHKERRQ(ierr);


 #include <../src/ksp/pc/impls/is/pcis.h>
 #include "bddcstructs.h"
-/* BDDC requires metis 5.0.1 for multilevel */
-#include "metis.h"
-#define MetisInt    idx_t
-#define MetisScalar real_t
 typedef enum {SCATTERS_BDDC,GATHERS_BDDC} CoarseCommunicationsType;
 /* Private context (data structure) for the BDDC preconditioner.  */
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