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I fucked up

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  1. Jed Brown

    This "wrong direction" merge happens when you lose a race (or forget to git pull before you start merging). The cleanest thing to do is to discard the merge you just made (git reset --hard HEAD^), get up to date (git pull --ff-only), and redo the merge (git merge barry/petscsfunctionlist). The first two steps here can be combined to git reset --hard origin/master, but that could discard multiple merges if you had done more than once since pulling. I use this latter method, but only after checking what I have merged since upstream using git log origin/master...

    Since you already published this merge, I reset my master and merged with --no-ff to make it look like you had just merged master into your topic branch and I was merging your topic branch into master for the first time.


Files changed (2)

File src/docs/tex/petscapp.bib

   school = {ETH Z{\"u}rich},
   year = 2011
   title={Achieving textbook multigrid efficiency for hydrostatic ice flow},
   author={Jed Brown and Barry F. Smith and Aron Ahmadia},
   journal={SIAM Journal on Scientific Computing},
-  year={\emph{accepted} 2012}
+  volume=35,
+  number=2,
+  year={2013},
+  pages={359--375},
+  doi={10.1137/110834512},
+  note={Also preprint ANL/MCS-P743-1298}
+  author={Jed Brown and Peter Brune},
+  title={Low-rank quasi-{N}ewton updates for robust {J}acobian lagging in {N}ewton-type methods},
+  year={2013, \emph{accepted}},
+  conference={International Conference on Mathematics and Computational Methods Applied to Nuclear Science and Engineering}
    title = "Block Preconditioners and Advanced Software for Multiphysics Problems in Solid Earth Geodynamics",

File src/sys/classes/viewer/impls/binary/binv.c

     Options Database:
     -viewer_binary_mpiio : Flag for using MPI-IO
-   Notes: turns off the default usage of the .info file since that is not scalable
   Level: advanced
 .seealso: PetscViewerFileSetMode(), PetscViewerCreate(), PetscViewerSetType(), PetscViewerBinaryOpen()
   if (vbinary->filename) SETERRQ(PETSC_COMM_SELF,PETSC_ERR_ARG_WRONGSTATE,"Must call before calling PetscViewerFileSetName()");
   viewer->ops->destroy = PetscViewerDestroy_MPIIO;
   vbinary->MPIIO       = PETSC_TRUE;
-  /*  vbinary->skipinfo    = PETSC_TRUE; */
   ierr = PetscObjectComposeFunction((PetscObject)viewer,"PetscViewerFileSetName_C",PetscViewerFileSetName_MPIIO);CHKERRQ(ierr);