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don't print memory amounts

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  1. BarryFSmith author

    I tried but that damn $parent shit screwed me over and I lost my chance. I still don't understand that parent business, why is it ever an environmental variable?

    1. Jed Brown

      It's not an environment variable, I was just indicating that you should decide what the parent of the rebased series should be, and use that. For example

      git rebase HEAD~2

      lets you edit/squash/reorder the last two commits.

Files changed (1)

File src/sys/objects/pname.c

   ierr = PetscObjectGetComm(obj,&comm);CHKERRQ(ierr);
   ierr = MPI_Comm_size(comm,&size);CHKERRQ(ierr);
-  ierr = PetscViewerASCIIPrintf(viewer," %d MPI processes",size);CHKERRQ(ierr);
-  ierr = PetscViewerASCIIPrintf(viewer,"Memory %g\n",obj->mem);CHKERRQ(ierr);
+  ierr = PetscViewerASCIIPrintf(viewer," %d MPI processes\n",size);CHKERRQ(ierr);
   if (obj->type_name) {
     ierr = PetscViewerASCIIPrintf(viewer,"  type: %s\n",obj->type_name);CHKERRQ(ierr);
   } else {