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 of which contains
 \item a function pointer (if it has already been loaded into memory from the dynamic library)
-\item the ``path'' (directory and library name) where the function exists (if it is
-      loaded from a dynamic library)
 \item the ``short'' name of the function,
 \item the actual name of the function as a string (for dynamic libraries this string is used
       to load in the actual function pointer).
   PetscErrorCode ierr;\\
-  ierr = PetscFunctionListAdd(\&obj-$>$qlist,name,fname,(int (*)(void *))ptr);CHKERRQ(ierr);\\
+  ierr = PetscFunctionListAdd(\&obj-$>$qlist,name,fname,ptr);CHKERRQ(ierr);\\
-PetscErrorCode PetscObjectQueryFunction\_Petsc(PetscObject obj,const char *name,void **ptr)\\
+PetscErrorCode PetscObjectQueryFunction\_Petsc(PetscObject obj,const char *name,void (**ptr)(void))\\
   PetscErrorCode ierr;\\
-  ierr = PetscFunctionListFind(obj-$>$qlist,obj-$>$comm,name,( int(**)(void *)) ptr);\\
-  CHKERRQ(ierr);\\
+  ierr = PetscFunctionListFind(obj-$>$qlist,name,ptr);CHKERRQ(ierr);\\

File src/docs/website/documentation/changes/dev.html

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         <li>In PETSc options files, the comment characters <tt>!</tt> and <tt>%</tt> are no longer supported, use <tt>#</tt>.</li>
           <tt>PetscFList</tt> and <tt>PetscOList</tt> have been changed to <tt>PetscFunctionList</tt> and <tt>PetscObjectList</tt>.
+          <tt>PetscFunctionListFind()</tt> no longer takes the path to a shared library.
+          Plugins distributed as shared libraries should register their implementations by calling suitable <tt>XXRegister()</tt> functions from within their <tt>PetscDLLibraryRegister_basename()</tt>, see documentation for PetscDLLibraryOpen().
           The configure options <tt>--with-c-support</tt> and <tt>--with-c++-support</tt> have been removed. A PETSc