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define __FUNCT__ "PetscStrdup"
incorrect capitalization for SAWs bitbucket site
DMPlex: Fix error in 3D-to-2D projection
MatColoring: Cleanup of weight computation.
MatColoring: Remove MatColoringMIS
MatColoringJP: One more small fix.
MatColoringJP: Fix unused variable warning.
MatColoringJP: Add timings for MatColoringJP
MatColoringJP: Added an option to turn off the initial local coloring.
MatColoringJP: Add local coloring phase to cut down on the number of rounds.
since PETSc cannot view factored matrices, generate an error rather than display the wrong stuff (this was really bad)
MatColoringJP: Remove redundant allocations
outdated example that doesn't match coding style removed and buggy
petscversion.h: workaround ifort -cpp lack of referential transparency
MatColoring: comm-lite version of Jones-Plassmann coloring.
configure: ignore AR, MAKEFLAGS [if set in env]
Doc+Plex: Small fix for distribution
PetscFE: Correct type for reference space derivatives
SNES ex12: Added support for boundary Jacobian
DMPlex: Added boundary Jacobian to DMPlexComputeJacobianFEM()


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