BarryFSmith committed a41b6a6

increased static sizes in PetscBagRegisterEnum() and added error checking for when they go out of range

Hg-commit: db85936a335e488f8372414bebd56082989a348f

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       Type(C_Ptr),Dimension(:),Pointer :: CArray
       character(kind=c_char),pointer   :: nullc => null()
       PetscInt   :: i,Len
-      Character(kind=C_char,len=99),Dimension(:),Pointer::list1
+      Character(kind=C_char,len=256),Dimension(:),Pointer::list1
-      do i=1,100
+      do i=1,256
         if (len_trim(Farray(i)) .eq. 0) then
           Len = i-1
           goto 100
+        if (len_trim(Farray(i)) .gt. 255) then
+          ierr = PETSC_ERR_ARG_OUTOFRANGE 
+          return
+        endif
+      return
  100  continue
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