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Docs: Changes three papers which are now published

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   author  = {Amy Kreienkamp and Lucy Y. Liu and Mona S. Minkara and Matthew G. Knepley and Jaydeep P. Bardhan and Mala L. Radhakrishnan},
   title   = {Analysis of fast boundary-integral approximations for modeling electrostatic contributions of molecular binding},
   journal = {Molecular Based Mathematical Biology},
-  note    = {In review},
+  volume  = {1},
+  pages   = {124--150},
+  doi     = {10.2478/mlbmb-2013-0007},
+  issn    = {2299-3266},
+  month   = {June},
+  note    = {\url{}},
   year    = {2013}


   title   = {A Domain Decomposition Approach to Implementing Fault Slip in Finite-Element Models of Quasi-static and Dynamic Crustal Deformation},
   author  = {Brad T. Aagaard and Matthew G. Knepley and Charles A. Williams},
-  journal = {Journal of Geophysical Research},
-  note    = {In review},
+  journal = {Journal of Geophysical Research: Solid Earth},
+  issn    = {2169-9356},
+  url     = {},
+  doi     = {10.1002/jgrb.50217},
+  keywords = {fault slip, finite-element modeling, crustal deformation, earthquake physics},
   year    = {2013}
   year      = {2013},
   isbn      = {978-3-642-16404-0},
+  title     = {Implementation of a multigrid solver on GPU for Stokes equations with strongly variable viscosity based on Matlab and CUDA},
+  author    = {Liang Zheng and Taras Gerya and Matthew G. Knepley and David A. Yuen and Huai Zhang and Yaolin Shi},
+  journal   = {IJHPCA},
+  url       = {},
+  year      = {2013}
   author = "B. Smith",
   chapter = "PETSc, the Portable, Extensible Toolkit for Scientific computing",
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