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Docs: Mention MatColoringMinpack instead of sl,lf,id

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       rows. These columns in the Jacobian can all be computed simultaneously.\\
-   MatColoringSetType(coloring,MATCOLORINGSL);\\
+   MatColoringSetType(coloring,MATCOLORINGMINPACK);\\
 preset the nonzero structure in the matrix regardless of which
 coloring routine is used.
-For sequential matrices PETSc provides three matrix coloring routines on from the MINPACK package \cite{more84}:
+For sequential matrices PETSc provides three matrix coloring routines from from the MINPACK package \cite{more84}:
 smallest-last (\trl{sl}), largest-first (\trl{lf}), and incidence-degree (\trl{id}).  In addition, two implementations
 of parallel colorings are in PETSc, greedy (\trl{greedy}) and Jones-Plassmann (\trl{jp}). These colorings, as well as the
 ``natural'' coloring for which each column has its own unique color, may be accessed with the command line options
-   -mat\_coloring\_type \trl{<}sl,id,lf,natural,greedy,jp\trl{> }
+   -mat\_coloring\_type \trl{<}minpack,natural,greedy,jp\trl{> }
+The weighting and/or permutation of the columns may be set with
+        -mat\_coloring\_weight\_type \trl{<}sl,lf,id,lexical,random\trl{> }
 Alternatively, one can set a coloring type of \trl{MATCOLORINGGREEDY} or \trl{MATCOLORINGJP} for parallel algorithms,
-or \trl{MATCOLORINGSL}, \trl{ MATCOLORINGID}, \trl{MATCOLORINGLF}, \trl{MATCOLORINGNATURAL} for sequential algorithms
-when calling MatColoringSetType(). \findex{-mat_coloring_type} \findex{MATCOLORINGSL} \findex{MATCOLORINGID}
+or \trl{MATCOLORINGMINPACK} and \trl{MATCOLORINGNATURAL} for sequential algorithms when calling
+MatColoringSetType(). \findex{-mat_coloring_type} \findex{MATCOLORINGMINPACK},
 As for the matrix-free computation of Jacobians (see Section
 \ref{sec_nlmatrixfree}), two parameters affect the accuracy of the
 \findex{-mat_fd_coloring_err} \findex{-mat_fd_coloring_umin}
-Note that MatColoring type MATCOLORINGSL, MATCOLORINGLF, and MATCOLORINGID are sequential algorithms.  MATCOLORINGJP and
+Note that MatColoring type MATCOLORINGMINPACK is a sequential algorithm.  MATCOLORINGJP and
 MATCOLORINGGREEDY are parallel algorithms, although in practice they may create more colors than the sequential
 algorithms.  If one computes the coloring \trl{iscoloring} reasonably with a parallel algorithm or by knowledge of the
 discretization, the routine MatFDColoringCreate() is scalable.  An example of this for 2D distributed arrays is given


       subcomm,PetscInt mlocal_red,MatReuse reuse,Mat *matredundant) is
       replaced by MatRedundantMatrix(Mat mat,PetscInt nsubcomm,MPI_Comm subcomm,MatReuse reuse,Mat *matredundant).</li>
         <li>MatGetColoring() has been removed and replaced by the MatColoring object.</li>
+        <li>MatColoringTypes MINPACK, Natural, Greedy, and JP have been added</li>