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bib: publisher names should not include "Inc.", according to Gail

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 	Date-Modified = {2010-08-19 15:43:34 -0500},
 	Journal = {Parallel Computational Fluid Dynamics: Recent Advances and Future Directions},
 	Pages = {414},
-	Publisher = {DEStech Publications, Inc},
+	Publisher = {DEStech Publications},
 	Title = {A fast double precision CFD code using CUDA}}
       AUTHOR="Pieter Wesseling",
       TITLE="An Introduction to Multigrid Methods",
-      PUBLISHER="R. T. Edwards Inc."
+      PUBLISHER="R. T. Edwards"
       AUTHOR="William L. Briggs and Van Emden Henson and Steve F. McCormick",
     KEY         = "Meza94"
-@book{ dennis:83,
    AUTHOR       = "Dennis Jr., J. E. and Robert B. Schnabel",
    TITLE        = "Numerical Methods for Unconstrained Optimization and
                    Nonlinear Equations",
-   PUBLISHER    = "Prentice-Hall, Inc.",
+   PUBLISHER    = "Prentice-Hall",
    ADDRESS      = "Englewood Cliffs, NJ",
    YEAR         = 1983}
  issn = {0021-9991},
  pages = {7863--7882},
  doi = {},
- publisher = {Academic Press Professional, Inc.},
+ publisher = {Academic Press Professional},
  address = {San Diego, CA, USA},
   author={Myers, R.H. and Montgomery, D.C. and Anderson-Cook, C.M.},
-  publisher={John Wiley \& Sons Inc}
+  publisher={John Wiley \& Sons}
   title={The {GNAT} method for nonlinear model reduction: effective implementation and application to computational fluid dynamics and turbulent flows},


-  organization={World Scientific Pub Co Inc}
+  organization={World Scientific Pub Co}
 author = {M. Lauter},
  Author      = "JF DeFord and BL Held",
  TITLE       = "RF3P-A New Parallel Driven Frequency Electromagnetic Solver",
  year        = 2002,
- INSTITUTION = "Simulation Technology and Applied Research, Inc",
+ INSTITUTION = "Simulation Technology and Applied Research",
  URL        = "",
  NOTE = "Discusses their parallel commercial solver that uses PETSc"
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