Jed Brown committed bf7cd47

ExodusII: require HDF5 due to transitive dependency via --enable-netcdf-4

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   def setupDependencies(self, framework):
     config.package.Package.setupDependencies(self, framework)
     self.netcdf = framework.require('config.packages.netcdf', self)
-    self.deps   = [self.netcdf]
+    # ExodusII does not call HDF5 directly, but it does call nc_def_var_deflate(), which is only
+    # part of libnetcdf when built using --enable-netcdf-4.  Currently --download-netcdf (
+    # sets --enable-netcdf-4 only when HDF5 is enabled.
+    self.hdf5   = framework.require('config.packages.hdf5', self)
+    self.deps   = [self.netcdf, self.hdf5]
   def Install(self):