Satish Balay avatar Satish Balay committed d59df77

configure: parsing in checkCLibraries() breaks when stdout has missing new line.
So stdout ='.. -lrt',stderr='icc ver' appars as '.. -lrticc ver' with the error
ld: cannot find -lrticc

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       if os.path.isfile(self.linkerObj):os.remove(self.linkerObj)
       pdbfile = os.path.splitext(self.linkerObj)[0]+'.pdb'
       if os.path.isfile(pdbfile): os.remove(pdbfile)
-    return (out+err, ret)
+    return (out+'\n'+err, ret)
   def checkLink(self, includes = '', body = '', cleanup = 1, codeBegin = None, codeEnd = None, shared = 0, linkLanguage=None):
     (output, returnCode) = self.outputLink(includes, body, cleanup, codeBegin, codeEnd, shared, linkLanguage)
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