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BarryFSmith  committed e685f91

check for ddot_() in chaco and reject it
print download packages before downloading

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File config/BuildSystem/config/package.py

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     err =''
     if hasattr(self.sourceControl, 'git') and self.gitcommit:
       for giturl in self.giturls: # First try to fetch using Git
+        self.logPrintBox('Trying to download '+giturl+' for '+self.PACKAGE)
           gitrepo = os.path.join(self.externalPackagesDir, self.downloadname)
           self.executeShellCommand([self.sourceControl.git, 'clone', giturl, gitrepo])
           self.logPrint('ERROR: '+str(e))
           err += str(e)
     for url in download_urls:
+      self.logPrintBox('Trying to download '+url+' for '+self.PACKAGE)
         retriever.genericRetrieve(url, self.externalPackagesDir, self.downloadname)
         self.framework.actions.addArgument(self.PACKAGE, 'Download', 'Downloaded '+self.name+' into '+self.getDir(0))

File config/PETSc/packages/Chaco.py

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     self.downloadonWindows = 1
+  def setupDependencies(self, framework):
+    PETSc.package.NewPackage.setupDependencies(self, framework)
+    self.dfunctions = framework.require('config.functions',self)
+    return
   def Install(self):
     import os
     self.framework.log.write('chacoDir = '+self.packageDir+' installDir '+self.installDir+'\n')
       self.postInstall(output+err, mkfile)
     return self.installDir
+  def configureLibrary(self):
+    PETSc.package.NewPackage.configureLibrary(self)
+    if self.dfunctions.check('ddot_',self.lib):
+      raise RuntimeError('You cannot use Chaco package from Sandia as it contains an incorrect ddot() routine that conflicts with BLAS\nUse --download-chaco')