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final updates from nightly tests

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           grep -v "tentative definition of size" | \
           grep -v "Extra instructions" | \
           grep -v "Unused external reference" | \
+          grep -v "Warning: attribute unused is unsupported and will be skipped" | \
           grep -v "f90 continuing despite warning messages" | \
           grep -v "symbol if the" | \
           grep -v "ignoring symbol version info" | \


 #include <thrust/iterator/counting_iterator.h>
 #include <thrust/iterator/zip_iterator.h>
-extern PetscErrorCode ComputeFunction(SNES,Vec,Vec,void*), ComputeJacobian(SNES,Vec,Mat,Mat,MatStructure*,void*);
+extern PetscErrorCode ComputeFunction(SNES,Vec,Vec,void*), ComputeJacobian(SNES,Vec,Mat,Mat,void*);
 PetscBool useCUSP = PETSC_FALSE;
 int main(int argc,char **argv)
   return 0;
-PetscErrorCode ComputeJacobian(SNES snes,Vec x,Mat J,Mat B,MatStructure *flag,void *ctx)
+PetscErrorCode ComputeJacobian(SNES snes,Vec x,Mat J,Mat B,void *ctx)
   DM             da = (DM) ctx;
   PetscInt       i,Mx,xm,xs;
   ierr  = MatAssemblyBegin(J,MAT_FINAL_ASSEMBLY);CHKERRQ(ierr);
   ierr  = MatAssemblyEnd(J,MAT_FINAL_ASSEMBLY);CHKERRQ(ierr);
   ierr  = DMDAVecRestoreArray(da,xlocal,&xx);CHKERRQ(ierr);
   ierr  = DMRestoreLocalVector(da,&xlocal);CHKERRQ(ierr);
   return 0;


 static PetscErrorCode FormRHSFunction(TS,PetscReal,Vec,Vec,void*);
 static PetscErrorCode FormIFunction(TS,PetscReal,Vec,Vec,Vec,void*);
-static PetscErrorCode FormIJacobian(TS,PetscReal,Vec,Vec,PetscReal,Mat,Mat,MatStructure*,void*);
+static PetscErrorCode FormIJacobian(TS,PetscReal,Vec,Vec,PetscReal,Mat,Mat,void*);
 PetscErrorCode create_app_data(_User& user);
 PetscErrorCode destroy_app_data(_User& user);
 #undef __FUNCT__
 #define __FUNCT__ "FormIJacobian"
-PetscErrorCode FormIJacobian(TS ts,PetscReal t,Vec X,Vec Xdot,PetscReal a,Mat J,Mat Jpre,MatStructure *str,void *ptr)
+PetscErrorCode FormIJacobian(TS ts,PetscReal t,Vec X,Vec Xdot,PetscReal a,Mat J,Mat Jpre,void *ptr)
   User            user = (User)ptr;
   PetscErrorCode  ierr;