VecScatter optimizations in PETSc 3.6 break DMLocalToLocalBegin/End

Issue #100 resolved
Constantine Khrulev created an issue

I expect DMLocalToLocalBegin/End to update all ghosts when called with the same source and destination vectors:

    ierr  = DMLocalToLocalBegin(da, local, INSERT_VALUES, local);CHKERRQ(ierr);
    ierr  = DMLocalToLocalEnd(da, local, INSERT_VALUES, local);CHKERRQ(ierr);

This works in PETSc 3.5.4 and earlier and fails in PETSc 3.6 -- with some parallel domain partitions of the DM object and some DM boundary types (tested with DM_BOUNDARY_PERIODIC).

Please see the stand-alone example program vecscatter-bug.c and its makefile (attached).

This program allocates a local Vec managed by a DM, sets all elements to a constant (0), then sets all locally owned elements to a different constant (1). After calling DMLocalToLocalBegin/End all ghost values should be equal to 1.

Run vecscatter-bug to see that it works with mpiexec -n 1 but fails with mpiexec -n 2. It looks like ghosts are not updated correctly if a DM's number of processors in some dimension is 1. So, mpiexec -n P for a prime P leads to erroneous behavior. In other cases this behavior can be triggered by using -da_processors_y 1.

As far as I can tell vecscatter-bug.c shows the same (correct) results regardless of the DM's domain decomposition when linked to PETSc 3.5.4.

Git bisect tells me that "ef605946e53f07e3ad39ab377ff50dceade0a2df is the first bad commit":

commit ef605946e53f07e3ad39ab377ff50dceade0a2df
Author: Barry Smith <>
Date:   Wed Apr 1 14:27:31 2015 -0500

    turned on optimizations to remove unneeded copies to the same memory in VecScatter and hence DMLocalToLocalBegin/End()

As a workaround in our code (PISM) I can update ghosts in a local Vec by copying locally-owned values from a local Vec to a temporary global Vec and then calling DMGlobalToLocalBegin/End to scatter ghost values back to the original local Vec. I don't know if this may lead to poor performance (comments and advice are welcome), so for now we're telling PISM users to install PETSc 3.5.4 instead of 3.6.0.

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  1. Ed Bueler

    Constantine --

    I have an old email from Barry (10/3/14) with title "DMLocalToGlobalBegin/End regression (?) from 3.4.5 to 3.5.2". Is this a different issue?


  2. Constantine Khrulev reporter

    Ed --

    The old bug (the one I reported on 10/2/14) affected DMLocalToGlobalBegin/End, this new one affects DMLocalToLocalBegin/End, so I think these are different issues.

    They are related, though: both issues broke PISM because of our (PISM's) unconventional way of using local and global PETSc Vecs.

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