For loops in new test harness not working for me

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Toby Isaac
created an issue

I modified the test definition in sys tutorial ex1.c:

$ git diff src/sys/examples/tutorials/ex1.c

+     nsize: {{1,2}}


And this is the loop in the test script file:

for i in '1,2'; do

   petsc_testrun "${mpiexec} -n {{1,2}} ${exec} ${args}" ex1_1.tmp ${testname}.err "${label}" ''

   petsc_testrun "${diff_exe} /work/tisaac/petsc/src/sys/examples/tutorials/output/ex1_1.out ex1_1.tmp" diff-${testname}.out diff-${testname}.out diff-${label} ""


The curly braces haven't been replace with the loop variable. ~~~~

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  1. Scott Kruger

    This should be assigned to me. I am working on the fixes now as well as addressing your other very valid concerns. I'm not ready to push my fixes because I'd like to fix both for-loop issues together.

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