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Improve the output of log summary or explain it better to match the nesting of the operations

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  1. Jed Brown

    How are you thinking of presenting this? As an ASCII graph? (Note that it can have cycles.) We could record the immediate parent event each time an event starts.

  2. BarryFSmith reporter

    I was not thinking of drawing a graph or anything like that.

    Sometimes I manually reorder rows of the summary table and indent nested rows; this is very useful for people to understand how the time is spent. We cannot automat this since the nested in general is not trivial but we definitely need some better way then the flat table we produce now to help users

  3. BarryFSmith reporter

    I've added output of raw data as python so it can be post-processed with python scripts; still requires too much work for users but it is a start.

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