Add support for left and right null space for MatNullSpace and friends

Issue #60 resolved
created an issue

Currently MatNullSpace and KSPSetNullSpace() are only useful for symmetric operators? These should be reworked to accept both left and right null spaces and work for general operators?

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  1. Jed Brown

    They are currently right null spaces, which is the right thing for iteratively forming a solution. You just can't use the same null space for making the right hand side consistent, which PETSc does not do automatically. So I think this is either a non-issue, or can be changed to adding support for automatically ensuring consistency and checking left null spaces.

  2. BarryFSmith reporter

    Why do you call it a non-issue? We should add support for hooking on the left null space, ensuring consistency by using the left null space and checks for if the left null space provided is truly in the null space. For certain situations are tools are just not suitable and that should be fixed.

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