buildbot buildmaster configuration for pflotran-dev


* Based on the buildbot metabuildbot:

* Requires buildbot version >=0.8.9 inorder to receive authenticated
change hooks / post commands from bitbucket.

* Do NOT hard code passwords into these files. User passwords for the
web front end are stored hashed in the buildmaster database (change
them with the command line tool). All other passwords are stored in an
UNTRACKED text file and read in with the simple "password_manager"
class. See for details.

* The buildmaster configuration is broken up into multiple files, so
this repository must be imported as a python package named

* See doc/pflotran-buildbot.rst for setup notes.


cd /path/to/buildmaster/directory
hg clone pflotran_bbot_cfg
ln -s pflotran_bbot_cfg/master.cfg ./master.cfg
# set up passwords
buildbot checkconfig