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Condemned 2: Bloodshot Download Movies


Ethan Thomas, a former Serial Crimes Unit investigator, is brought back into action to hunt down the killer of his former partner and uncover the disturbing secrets behind an increasingly dark and violent city.
Condemned: Criminal Origins is one of the best games I played on the Xbox 360. I didn&#39;t expect Sega and Monolith would make a sequel since I felt Condemned: Criminal Origins was one of those one time deals but I was wrong. Here&#39;s a review of Condemned 2: Bloodshot.<br/><br/>Plot: One year after surviving his horrific chase with SKX, Ethan Thomas, a once well-respected FBI agent and crime scene investigator, has now become a homeless loser and a booze addict. Ethan spends most of his time hanging out in back alleys and seedy bars just for a drink. When his old friend, Malcolm Van Horn, turns up missing, the SCU takes Thomas back to search for him. Ethan and the SCU realize there&#39;s a much darker conspiracy going on in the city. Every city denizen are now acting even more violent than before and more bodies are turning up. Thomas must put a stop to the violence and suffering before it escalates beyond control. 5/5 <br/><br/>Graphics: The graphics look darker and grittier than they were in Condemned: Criminal Origins. The character models and the buildings look even better. The changes to the levels&#39; designs are very welcomed since some of the levels looked a bit too much like the designs from Monolith&#39;s other game, F.E.A.R. 5/5 <br/><br/>Sound: Since Monolith wanted a personality change in their main character, they chose Andre Sogliuzzo for the role. Sogliuzzo puts on a very good performance as Ethan Thomas. He gives Thomas a dark edge and a bad ass attitude. There are moments in the game where you&#39;ll hear voices taunting you. The sound alone is enough to scare anyone. 5/5 <br/><br/>Gameplay: In the last Condemned, using blunt objects to fight enemies had gotten so repetitive after awhile since Ethan couldn&#39;t punch. In Condemned 2, Monolith improved on the combat system. Ethan can now fight with his bare hands and do combo moves. He can also parry and counter attack. Of course, he can still use weapons. Another added feature is environmental kills. When an enemy is down on his or her knees, Ethan can grab his fallen foe and pretty much smash him or her into anything from TVs to toilets. The gun play has even changed, Ethan can restock on bullets with the gun he&#39;s using. The sub-plot of Ethan&#39;s alcoholism plays heavily in the game play. If Ethan is aiming with the gun he is holding, he gets the bad case of the shakes. To calm that, he has to drink alcohol so he can aim well. TVs and radios are put in so the player would be updated on what&#39;s going on in the game&#39;s story. Monolith also put in a reward system that gives him upgrades whenever he does certain tasks. The multi player features feels like an after thought. 4/5 <br/><br/>Condemned 2 is one of the best games to date from Sega and Monolith. The game expands upon the story and answers the questions from Condemned 1. If you liked Condemned 1, then get Condemned 2. The game is truly a worthy sequel to the first.<br/><br/>Final Review: 5/5
I haven&#39;t played the first Condemned but this one is supposedly better and I think it is brilliant. It is very effective to give someone the scare and I think this is a very good horror game. The interesting thing about it is that it isn&#39;t the monsters that make this game scary but other things.<br/><br/>1). The first thing that makes this game a horror is the location that you are in. Dark, abandoned and a very rough city where potential dangers lurk almost around every corner.<br/><br/>2). Although the city is abandoned, phsycopaths lurk around the city. Things called Sonic Devices are scattered around the city which emit waves that basically fu*k up people&#39;s brains and make them go insane and violent. This isn&#39;t your average rough city. This is super-rough.<br/><br/>3). The third thing is the monsters themselves. Like the phsycopaths, monsters lurk around the city as well, waiting for you to go into the wrong place and then...your basically done for.<br/><br/>I highly recommend this game to horror game fans. This will surly give you a good scare. (I haven&#39;t even completed it and I love it!)


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