by Robert Bond, Udi Finkelstein, Eric Smith, and Peter H. Froehlich

Copyright (c) 2001-2003 Eric Smith <eric at brouhaha dot com>
Copyright (c) 2015 Peter H. Froehlich <phf at acm dot org>

I was curious about this disassembler so I decided to import the known sources
for it and play around a bit. This is the result so far, and it's probably not
useful for anyone out there. Oh well.

See README.Smith, README.Finkelstein, and README.Bond for a history lesson. My
changes are all under GPL v2 as well of course, not that they amount to much:

  - lots of cleanup work regarding whitespace, warnings, casts, includes,
    opcodes, etc.
  - made the old c64.predefs file work again, added atari8bit.predefs
    courtesy of Brian Watson
  - cleaned-up error messages, some with more information than before

Peter H. Froehlich
phf at acm dot org

Links / Credits

Eric Smith's dis6502 page (including the original dis6502 sources):

Eric Smith's Apple 1 Basic disassembly:

Michael Steil's post about recovering the Apple 1 Basic ROM from audio tape: