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 brand of Sword & Sorcery, so I started thinking
 in terms of a "definite public domain edition"
 instead of just a temporary crutch until I was
-done reading. So I also started collecting the
-available art from the original publications and
-putting it back into the text.
+done reading. So I started collecting more of
+the public domain stories as well as some of the
+art from the original publications. It's still
+not quite finished, but it's getting there.
 ## Goals
 There's probably more but it'll evolve over
-## Copyright Concerns
-I have not yet decided on how to handle concerns
-over "compilation copyright" and related issues.
-As far as I understand the Project Gutenberg
-license I have fulfilled their terms by not using
-their name to advertise but simply crediting them.
-Same with The Internet Archive and Wikimedia
-Commons. I'll put together detailed credits for
-the final release, right now I have credits for
-some things but not others. My own work on this
-(compilating, editing, layout) will be covered by
-some form of Creative Commons license, details to
-be decided. Contributors should be okay with this
-as well, please speak up if you have concerns.
+## Copyright Issues
+I am only using stories and art that are in the
+public domain. I am crediting the sources as
+well as the original artists, but this is not
+meant to imply endorsement by those sources or
+artists. In particular my mention of Project
+Gutenberg does not imply that the compilation
+itself is part of Project Gutenberg.
+As for the compilation itself, the work I put into
+this project, I've chosen to use a Creative Commons
+Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License. All
+contributors must agree to work under that license
+as well.