*                                                                              *
*                                   mkhexgrid                                  *
*                                 version 0.1.1                                *
*                                 Joel Uckelman                                *
*                                10 January 2007                               *
*                                                                              *

mkhexgrid is a small, command-line program which generates hex grids of the
sort used for strategy games.


For usage information, see the included documentation, either mkhexgrid.html
(all platforms) or the man page (unix only).



Windows users are recommended to use the pre-built version of mkhexgrid.
No installation is necessary beyond unpacking the ZIP archive.

Unix (including MacOS X):

Binary and source RPMs are provided for users of RPM-based Linux
distributions. FreeBSD users may build mkhexgrid using the ports system.
MaxOS X users may build mkhexgrid using Fink (see Other Unix users are recommended to build
mkhexgrid from source. This should be a near-trivial process in most cases.
See the next section, Building From Source.

Building From Source:

1. mkhexgrid has been successfully built using GCC on Unix and the
MinGW port of GCC on Windows. mkhexgrid uses GNU getopt, so building
mkhexgrid using any compiler which lacks a compatible getopt
implementation will involve modifying the code somewhat.

2. mkhexgrid requires the Boost and GD libraries. Boost is available
from, and does not need to be built itself, as
mkhexgrid relies only on headers from Boost. GD is available from mkhexgrid uses GD as the graphics drawing library
for PNG output. Many Linux and BSD systems will already have Boost
and GD installed.

3. Build mkhexgrid.

On Unix:

   make install

On Windows:

   make -f Makefile.win32

You must check that the paths defined in the Makefile are correct for
your compiler and libraries, and also that you have getopt.h. (MinGW
does, MSVC++ does not.)


New versions of mkhexgrid are announced on the

mailing list. To subscribe, send a message to

with the word 'subscribe' in the message body.


Please report bugs, problems, and suggestions to