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Convert wiki markup (for now only wikitext) to ConTeXt.


Checkout from BitBucket and use like any mtxrun script:

hg clone
cd context-acceptor/
ln -s formatters/acceptor_f-mediawiki.lua \
      helpers/acceptor_auxiliary.lua \
      parsers/acceptor_p-mediawiki.lua \
mtxrun --script acceptor --a=ConTeXt --of=ConTeXt.tex

Now run ConTeXt on the resulting file:

context ConTeXt.tex

and see what breaks! You can view a list of options by simply calling:

mtxrun --script acceptor


This parser is by no means complete nor documented. Use at your own risk.


Tons, probably, not to mention incomplete. Report bugs to the maintainer, please!


See the file COPYING in the root dir.

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