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This module provides a means of drawing cellular automata in your context
documents, preferably as backgrounds for presentations. Currently, two kinds of
automata are supported: Conway's Game of Life and Elementary Cellular Automata.
In both cases custom initial states can be loaded as well as the rules
governing the automaton's progress.

····· How? ·····································································

Install the Automata package by copying the content of the “module/” directory 
into the “texmf-local” of your context distribution; e.g.

$ cp -r modules/tex/ ~/context/tex/texmf-local/

if you happen to have the context minimals installed in you $HOME dir.

Have a look at the usage examples to get an overview. The usage does not
significantly differ from the other styles the Simple Slides package provides.
You might want to tweak the color definitions in “simpleslides-s-Automata.tex”
and adapt them for your particular use case.

Also, try the command line tool “run.lua” from the directory “misc/”. Put it
to some safe directory together with the scripts from
“module/tex/context/third/simpleslides/automata/automata-eca.lua” and invoke it
on one of the examples:

$ texlua run.lua --file=sships.gol --n=90 
$ texlua run.lua --file=w50m.eca   --n=20  --rule=182

····· May I … ? ································································

This code is licensed under the GNU GPL v.2 (no later versions) as is the Simple
Slides module. Have a look at the file “COPYING” to find out more.

····· Who? ·····································································

Written by Philipp Gesang, blame all bugs on him. (Actually, I'd appreciate your
reporting a bug to me.)
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