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localize globals

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File tex/context/third/cyrillicnumbers/cyrillicnumbers.lua

 local mathfloor    = math.floor
 local stringformat = string.format
 local tableconcat  = table.concat
---local tablemaxn   = table.maxn
 local tableinsert  = table.insert
+local tostring     = tostring
+local type         = type
 local utf8char     = unicode.utf8.char
 local utf8len      = unicode.utf8.len
-local utfupper     = unicode.utf8.upper
 local cyrnum     = {
   placetitlo    = "font",
 <p>Concatenation of the digit list has to take into account different conditions: whether the user requests the dot markers to be added, whether a titlo is requested etc.</p>
-local concat_cyrillic_nums = function (list, upper)
+local concat_cyrillic_nums = function (list)
   local result         = ""
   local digits         = digits_only(list) -- strip placeholders
   local nlist, ndigits = #list, #digits