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Cyrillic Numerals in ConTeXt

Module for typesetting Cyrillic numbers. Take your time to read the manual under ./doc/context/third/cyrillicnumbers/cyrillicnumbers.tex. To build the documentation a recent versions of ConTeXt will be needed.


First, get a checkout from BitBucket:

hg clone

In the next step, copy the files into the path of your ConTeXt distribution. Assuming it is installed in $HOME/context/, you would accomplish this like so:

cd context-cyrillicnumbers
cp -r doc/ tex/ ~/context/tex/texmf-modules/

Finally, rebuild the file name database:

context --generate

and the module is ready to use!


All code and documentation is licensed under a modified BSD license, see the file COPYING in the repository root.


This module was written by Philipp Gesang, megas.kapaneus at gmail dot com (find me on BitBucket).