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+ What
+The *Ratiocinator* for ConTeXt MkIV provides a couple of tool for typesetting,
+evaluating and visualizing propositional logic using a minimalist ascii input
 No module structure, interface XML etc. yet. This will all be added in good
+ Precaution
+For the syntax trees to work you will need to have either luagraph_ or graphviz_
+installed on your system.
  Provisional documentation
-The *Ratiocinator* is licensed under the term of the BSD license with two
+The *Ratiocinator* is licensed under the terms of the BSD license with two
 clauses. See the file ``COPYING`` for details.
 .. _examples:
 .. _documentation:
 .. _repository:
+.. _luagraph:
+.. _graphviz: