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General Advice

Read the section Features Not Implemented in the manual first.

Note: if you happen to read this on BitBucket, the error messages some lines below just mean that their implementation doesn’t understand TeX directives. Don’t worry, |rstcontext| does.


As rstConTeXt was developed on texlua, you may expect it to run best with this interpreter. For now the script accepts two command line arguments: the input file and the output file. The following will demonstrate the main usage in a separate directory:

mkdir tmp; cd tmp
ln -s ../mod/tex/context/third/rst/*.lua .
texlua rst_parser.lua ../mod/doc/context/third/rst/documentation.rst doc.tex
context ../mod/doc/context/third/rst/manual.tex

This should have gotten you the manual converted to a file doc.tex which was subsequently run through |CONTEXT| to generate the final manual.pdf. You will find extended instructions on how to build the manual with some cosmetic improvements in the section Usage of the manual itself.

There is also a small module t-rst.mkiv which permits direct typesetting of reST markup with |CONTEXT| MkIV. To install the module, simply copy anything under the mod directory to your local |CONTEXT| tree. For instance, if |CONTEXT| happens to be installed at ~/context, the installation would be achieved this way:

cp -r mod/* ~/context/tex/texmf-local/

For usage examples see the files hybridtest.tex and moduletest.tex in the doc subdirectory.


|rstcontext| is free software and may be redistributed under the terms of the 2-clause BSD license. You should have recieved a copy of this license in a file named “COPYING” in the source tree. If there is no such file then please contact the maintainer (Contact).


|rstcontext| was written by Philipp Gesang, megas.kapaneus at gmail dot com (find me on BitBucket).

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