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This module enables you to typeset passages from books together with abbreviations on printable and cuttable pages. Input is given in a plaintext database by means of key-value markup (TeX-markup is permitted on the content side). The output will resemble on-sided flashcards.


The project originated in late 2010 when the author was asked for assistance by a user from the ConTeXt mailing list ( who was trying to accomplish the task using a bibliography database. At the expense of readily available GUI-tools for editing a single-task plaintext markup was introduced instead of the bib format. After some debugging and expanding, t-bibelstellen seems to fulfill the needs of the original asker.



Install the module to the texmf-local tree of your Minimals Distribution, e.g.:

cp -r ./tex ~/context/tex/texmf-local/

The actual path may vary depending on where you installed the Minimals. Don’t forget to update ConTeXt’s file database by running context --generate afterwards.


The main documentation with examples can be found in testfile.tex. To get an impression what well formed markup looks like, generate a testfile using:

texlua makedummy 100 > dummyfile.txt

This should generate 100 fields of random markup. Have a look at dummyfile.txt, it should demonstrate all possible fields. Then process this via context testfile.tex; don’t forget to play around with the parameters in testfile.tex as they determine how the output will look like.

Whose fault?

The Bibelstellen module was written by Philipp Gesang, megas.kapaneus at gmail dot com (find me on BitBucket).

Can I …?

The license (2-clause BSD) can be read next to the top of t-bibelstellen.mkiv.