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add tests for misplaced path lookups

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+  ItalicFont      = {Minion Pro Italic},
+  %SlantedFont     = {Minion Pro Italic},
+  %BoldFont        = {Minion Pro Bold},
+  %BoldItalicFont  = {Minion Pro Bold Italic},
+  %BoldSlantedFont = {Minion Pro Bold Italic},
+] {Minion Pro}
+bar \slshape baz


+  \input luaotfload.sty
+%\font\crap="[/home/phg/.fonts/crap directory/SourceSansPro-BlackIt.otf]"
+\font\shit="name:Iwona Regular"
+%\font\shit="name:Minion Pro"
+%\crap bar \fontname\crap\par
+%\bar bar \fontname\bar\par
+\shit bar \fontname\shit\par
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