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Meta-repo for my ArchLinux PKGBUILDs. You should get a working package by executing:


in the root folder of each package. If not, let me know!

The repository contains a Makefile in the toplevel directory by means of which everything can be built in batch mode. Run:

make info

for an overview of the defined build targets.


Written and maintained (well, sort of) by Philipp Gesang. In an ideal universe, the repo’s canonical location is on Bitbucket.

Currently comprises development versions of these packages:

  1. LuaMD5. (lua-md5-git)
  2. Selene Unicode (slnunicode-git)
  3. Luasec Prosody (luasec-prosody-git),
  4. Lua 5.3 work (lua53),
  5. SWIG (swig-git)
  6. Mutt-NNTP (mutt-nntp)