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 in the root folder of each package.
 If not, let me_ know!
+The repository contains a ``Makefile`` in the toplevel directory by
+means of which everything can be built in batch mode. Run::
+    make info
+for an overview of the defined build targets.
 Written and maintained (well, sort of) by Philipp Gesang. In an ideal
 universe, the repo’s canonical location is on Bitbucket_.
-Currently comprises these Lua-related packages:
+Currently comprises development versions of these packages:
-(#) LuaMD5_.
-(#) `Selene Unicode`_
+(#) LuaMD5_.            (``lua-md5-git``)
+(#) `Selene Unicode`_   (``slnunicode-git``)
+(#) SWIG_               (``swig-git``)
 .. _ArchLinux:
 .. _Bitbucket:
 .. _LuaMD5: 
 .. _Selene Unicode:
+.. _SWIG:   
 .. _me: