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update luasec

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 pkgdesc="A fork of LuaSec, an SSL and crypto library for Lua."
 arch=("i686" "x86_64")
         "luasec-prosody.patch") # build for Lua 5.2
-            "38fcf53127e9b65ab79f68f5813fcf3149943c9abfe7e506ac7b67d00c9bc982dbd75c2c8faaf7dd0f248c67598f0292128b701e2a98ab1a4d0c47190191038a")
+            "459969712d74fd2137f0cf7c7acc227bfe1e097e99937c2b897c625e96d9de3d20265634a6e49418f4ef5cf037435d2e07b0a1747a850d110aa207ef6735c7b7")
 pkgver() {
   cd "${_gitname}"


  # Compile with build-in LuaSocket's help files.
  # Comment this lines if you will link with non-internal LuaSocket's help files
+diff --git a/src/ssl.lua b/src/ssl.lua
+index 1b062f6..1b63e70 100644
+--- a/src/ssl.lua
++++ b/src/ssl.lua
+@@ -4,6 +4,8 @@
+ --
+ ------------------------------------------------------------------------------
++local unpack  = unpack or table.unpack
+ local core    = require("ssl.core")
+ local context = require("ssl.context")
+ local x509    = require("ssl.x509")
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