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The Letterspace module for ConTeXt MkIV allows for defining letterspacing macros.


Copy the program tree into your local ConTeXt tree, i.e. if you have the minimals installed inside $HOME/context/, issue the following command from the module root:

cp -r tex/ ~/context/tex/texmf-local/

Optionally do the same for the documentation tree:

cp -r doc/ ~/context/tex/texmf-local/

Next, update the ConTeXt filename database so that the module can be found:

context --generate

Congratulations, the Letterspace module is now ready to use. As a test, chdir into the documentation directory and build the manual:

cd doc/context/third/letterspace/
context letterspace.tex


If you don’t want to build the documentation yourself, there should always be an uptodate version at the BitBucket repository.


Written by Philipp Gesang, Heidelberg. Email me (megas.kapaneus at gmail dot com) or file a tracker item at BitBucket if something doesn’t seem right.


The Letterspace module is licensed under the terms of the BSD license with two clauses. See the file COPYING or the License chapter in the manual for details.