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File doc/context/third/transliterator/transliterator.tex

 % This should rather be done using key-value args but I'm too lazy now.
 % 1: mode; 2: hyphenate original; 3: hyphenate transliteration;
 \framed [frame=off,topframe=on] {%
-The {\em Transliterator} module and mini-manual,\par
-by Philipp Gesang, Heidelberg.\par
-Mail any patches or suggestions to\par
-gesang -- AT -- stud -- DOT -- uni-heidelberg -- DOT -- de\par
+The {\em Transliterator} module and mini-manual,
+by Philipp Gesang, Heidelberg.
+Mail any patches or suggestions to
+{\tt philipp -dot- gesang -at- alumni -dot- uni-heidelberg -dot- de}

File tex/context/third/transliterator/trans_tables_trsc.lua

       ["ь"] = "",
       ["э"] = "e",
       ["ю"] = "yu",
-      ["я"] = "ya" 
+      ["я"] = "ya"
     translit.tables["English transcription lowercase second pass"]