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FreeLabel: A Publicly Available Annotation Tool based on Freehand Traces

Open-access manuscript:

WACV proceedings: to be included

Disclaimer: this project is the first experience of the involved students with Javascript and Django. Despite our efforts to keep it fairly organized and functional, there is significant room for improvement. We appreciate any feedback for improving the tool, but cannot provide any type of support/warranty

Available under the Non-Profit Open Software License: for more details

Notes on code organization: check Notes_on_FreeLabel.pdf


Download, configuration and deploying the interface:

  1. clone repository
  2. cd freelabel-wacv/
  3. create virtual environment: virtualenv . (if you have multiple python versions, run: virtualenv -p python3 .)
  4. enter virtual environment: source ./bin/activate
  5. install requirements: pip install -r requirements.txt (if it fails, try upgrading pip: pip install --upgrade pip)
  6. Recompile callRGR:

    • cd freelabel
    • python build_ext --inplace
    • cd ..
  7. run Django project: python runserver

Accessing the interface:

  1. access http://localhost:9000/freelabel/
  2. register user/password (no need for email)
  3. login with registered user
  4. Done!