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This is an unofficial set of files for James Bennett's 'Practical
Django Projects' Second Edition, published by Apress. I have no
connection with the author, the book or the publisher, but in the
absence of any official example files I thought my finished set might
be useful.

I have tracked down fixes for most of the things that don't work from
the book, and added templates where examples are missing. Most things
seem to work fine for me, but I can't guarantee it will work for you. 
I've added a couple of things not covered in the book (like a home
page for the code sharing site) to make things easier.

These files aren't designed to work as standalone applications -- they
will probably need configuration and set-up, and assume you're
following along with the book's tutorials and might just need a
reference copy of the code.

Here are some things that don't work / might not work / will need

### General

* You'll need to do some configuration in cms/

* No SQLite database is included -- the code should create one at 

### Coltrane

* In the weblog app, I'm not sure if Akismet works (it doesn't

* In the weblog, sending emails after a comment is posted
might not work (no complaint, but email doesn't seem to arrive when
sent from my laptop).

* The bit that sends an email notification when a comment is posted
needs a template at comments/comment_notification_email.txt so I've 
put that outside of the templates/cms/coltrane/ directory, inside

* Setting up the tagging is problematic. This code currently works 
fine, but you may need to manually add the 'tags' column to your 

I can't guarantee to ever update this code or supply help with
problems (I hardly know what I'm doing myself) and would welcome
any thoughts on things I've done terribly wrong. Feel free to post
comments here:

Phil Gyford