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SSL is already being forced in app.yaml
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Force SSL
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Move the sync UI update mechanism to events as well and make sure that the UI is intiialized to the correct state when the Options page is opened. Also make sure that the client object (Weave.Chromium) is initialized the moment the extension is loaded.
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UI checkpoint: The popup page should just be a drop down menu, for now the options page is where our experiments take place.
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Weave icons, borrowed from the Firefox extension and the interwebs.
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Overwrite existing value with empty string if the option value has been reset.
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Equip this with similar UI update logic as options.html
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More UI tweaks
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Display something sensible when title is empty
Weave Sync for Chromium

This is an EXPERIMENTAL extension for the Google Chrome browser
(a.k.a. Chromium).  It allows one to synchronize bookmarks and tabs
with Mozilla's Weave service.

As Google Chrome extensions are implemented in pure JavaScript, this
essentially contains a Weave client implementation in that language.
It can therefore be used in other browsers as well, for instance by
embedding it into a website.  However, since AJAX requests are subject
to the same-origin policy, queries to the Weave storage nodes will not
work directly but have to be handled by the web application in
question and then forwarded to the corresponding Weave storage node.
A simple application of this kind for the Google App Engine platform
is contained in this directory as well.  It can be tried out under


* Philipp von Weitershausen wrote the JavaScript Weave client and this

* Anant Narayanan put together many of the cryptographic building
  blocks in the 'weaveweb' project.

* Tom Wu is the author of the jsbn RSA cryptography library (jsbn/*).

* B. Poettering implemented the AES cryptography routines (weave/aes.js).

* Paul Johnston et.al. implemented the SHA1 and SHA256 algorithms

* The style elements (logos, background, etc.) were copied from the
  Weave Sync add-on for Firefox, created by Mozilla Corporation.