philip_thiem committed ae6582e

Improved comment in the latin1 sdist test.

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                 filename = filename.decode('latin-1')
                 self.assertFalse(filename in cmd.filelist.files)
-            # Under Python 2 there seems to be no decoding of the
+            # Under Python 2 there seems to be no decoded string in the
             # filelist.  However, due to decode and encoding of the
-            # file name to utf-8 
+            # file name to get utf-8 Manifest the latin1 maybe excluded
-                #This seems a bit iffy, but not really what else
-                #since cmd.filelist.files is not encoded, but
-                #want to write out the manifest as UTF-8/
-                #This is how one expected the filename to be decoded
+                # fs_enc should match how one is expect the decoding to
+                # be proformed for the manifest output.
                 fs_enc = sys.getfilesystemencoding() 
                 self.assertTrue(filename in cmd.filelist.files)