Kimmo Varis avatar Kimmo Varis committed 43b317c

Fix building with Qt Creator in Windows (ticket #1).

The problem was that LibXDiff project file selected Windows MSVC config file for
the Qt Creator which uses GCC. This commit adds detection for using GCC compiler
in Windows and uses GCC config in that case.

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            xdiff/xutils.c \
+# For configuration file selection we need to detect these three cases:
+# 1. Windows with MSVC compiler
+# 2. Windows with GCC compiler (and MinGW?)
+# 3. Linux/Unix
+# Since 1. uses Windows MSVC config and 2. and 3. uses GCC config
 win32 {
-    HEADERS += winconfig.h
+    contains(QMAKE_CC, gcc){
+        # MingW
+        HEADERS += config.h
+    }
+    contains(QMAKE_CC, cl){
+        # Visual Studio
+        HEADERS += winconfig.h
+    }
 unix {
     HEADERS += config.h
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