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Long-Term Calendar is a simple console-based utility that allows you to track many one-time and recurrent events on one convenient screenful. LTC tells you how many days remain before each of the events you're concerned with. It won't let you miss an event---you must mark it as having been completed, or the program will remind you how many days ago it was due.


   Sat Dec 31, 70 days ago,              Public skate coupons expire
   Mon Mar 26, in  16 days, until 17:00  Pay rent online
   Tue Apr 03, in  24 days,              Pay Sprint bill (automatic)
   Tue Apr 03, in  24 days,              Pay Qwest bill (automatic)
   Fri Apr 06, in  27 days,              Shareholder ballot: Walmart
   Mon Apr 09, in  30 days, until 17:00  Pay electric bill
   Fri Apr 13, in  34 days,              End of IRS year (tax/IRA)
   Sun May 13, in  64 days,              Mother's Day
   Fri Jun 15, in  97 days,              qnan.org renewal
   Sun Jun 24, in 106 days,              Father's Day