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+What is different in this fork:
+Djangobb comes as a Django project, not as a Django package. We changed the following things:
+* We refactored it into a package
+* Added a so it can be installed via pip/pypi
+* Added the possibility to run it without xapian installed on the machine (only the search won't work now)
+* The media files structure plays nice with the staticfiles app. No need to copy files manually. 
+* Adapted it to work for Django1.2 (was mostly the csrf token). We die not fully test this yet
+So install it by putting:
+-e hg+
+into your requirements.txt and add djangobb to your INSTALLED_APPS. 
+or pip install -e hg+ 
+What is DjangoBB?
+DjangoBB is a quick and simple forum which uses the Django Framework (written in Python language). Abbreviation DjangoBB stands for Django Bulletin Board. DjangoBB is distributed under the BSD license.
+The basic concept of the forum progress is:
+the usage of various DBMS (MySQL, PostgreSQL, Oracle, SQLite)
+the ease of integration into any Django project and the ease of installation
+the usage of standard libraries for launching on conventional hostings with python support
+user-friendly installation process
+classic view of the forum like IPB, PhpBB, Punbb
+easy forum setup
+high speed
+At the current stage of development the main object is the functional implementation of the PunBB forum, in the sequel it is projected to expand it significantly.
+Django 1.1
+django-authopenid ( url) for openid
+django-registration 0.7 ( url)
+djapian ( url)
+django-messages ( url)